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Here is a excerpt from the upcoming Reminiscences of My Dead-end Street that will be available at Amazon.

“I’m hung up on her, and she’s hung up on him, and he’s hung up on anyone who will let him in, he knows the feelings inside you, he’s got the power of trance, he can subversively extract your love, under any circumstance, he can make you feel just like a queen, or like a woman that walks the street, he’s just one of the many that you’ll meet, on my dead end street.”

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Claws (TV Show) Quick Take

From the first episode, I really wanted to like this show. It has many style elements that are popular, from a “southernish” “swampish” True Blood vibe kind of thing. The story is there, a group of women trying to get out from under, collectively and individually, from their problems and rise to a better existence. Their characters are written and played with more dimension than the card board cutout male characters in the show. At times, it is hard to know whether or not this is a dramedy or a SNL spoof, and Uncle Daddy (Dean Norris) is cringe worthy over the top bad, which could be ok, if there was any dimension to his character. In each episode the creators seem to be asking themselves what would Scorsese do? Yes! Let’s have up-beat music to a violent scene etc. Very derivative. The key will be whether or not the show can find its way to more depth in it’s characters and its own vibe. For now, there is enough potential to give it more time.

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